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Voyage LA Article

Voyage LA: "Today we’d like to introduce you to Megan Joy. Megan, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I am, what I like to call, a positivity producer and a mindset coach. I help both women and men around the world awaken their spirit into self-love with experiential events and conscious content. I truly consider my title as Positivity Producer to mean “someone who creates positive experiences for others...”

Followers Film Review

Followers: "We live life in close-up. It is the inevitable outcome of the continuous availability of cameras, and more importantly, the continual availability of people to look at the images captured by those ubiquitous cameras. Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram, have brought us to a place where we can capture moments and receive nearly instant feedback, praise, dopamine hits that fuel us further into the world. This is where Followers lives, presenting us..."

Nue Gallery Event

Nue Gallery Opening Youtuber Genelle Seldon, Actor Megan Lee Joy and Blogger Kylee Campbell.

Megan Lee Joy, Host, The Attack

The Attack Wiki | FANDOM powered: Megan Lee Joy

Megan Lee Joy, Sedona Film Festival

The Sizzling Women To Crave @ Sedona Film Festival 2017 "We fall at the feet of creative talents such as the beguiling Megan Lee Joy whose impressive essence as a film-maker, producer and actress is surely an inspiration as well as cause for esteemed veneration. She’s best known for crafting the colorful indie horror comedy “Shevenge” which won her a Best Actress Award..."

Megan Lee Joy, Dances With Films

Must Watch Indie Darling: Megan Lee Joy "It’s easy to gravitate towards the women of the indie genre and Megan Lee Joy is deliciously wicked in “Shevenge” as the sexy Taylor who seeks revenge on her crappy boyfriend. [...] Expect Megan to be the leading lady and creator of even more future projects that will not only titillate the senses but also be richly entertaining."

Megan Lee Joy, Shevenge

Raucously Awesome Girly Horror-Comedy "The third [fantasy, Megan Lee Joy's] is a wonky Roger Corman witchcraft rip, simultaneously psychedelic and post-modern absurd. And possibly the funniest! But it’s all so very, very good."

Jenna Busch from Legion of Leia interviews Megan Lee Joy and Amber Benson on being women filmmakers and their new film Shevenge.

MeganLeeJoy, LAFILMFEST, Shevenge

Megan Lee Joy attends the "Dude Bro Party Massacre III" and "Shevenge" Screenings at Los Angeles Film Festival.

MeganLeeJoy, Star

Dances with Films Spotlight: Rising Starlet Megan Lee Joy "Kudos to Megan for being part of the creative team that’s dream up “Shevenge” and what could turn out to be a cult hit, especially with the feature making its premiere at numerous festivals. I for one always jump at the chance to show the world exciting female influencers such as Megan who are giving us original, noteworthy content. Whether she’s behind or in front of the camera, Megan has thrills all lined up."

Megan Lee Joy, Daily Actor

Interview with "Megan Lee Joy" on the Daily Actor.

Megan Lee Joy, Portland, Seattle

Megan Lee Joy's 1st Film: A Success for All Ages "The real surprise was discovering just how much the adults watching the film relate to both sides of the comedy. It’s the parents in the audience that know what if feels like to be a teen, and they now have teens, and so they really get it. I didn’t realize this until we screened for audiences."

Megan Lee Joy, PBS, Cool

PBS: Long Shorts - The Day My Parents Became Cool "Finally, we somehow discovered a group of special actors led by Megan Joy, who managed, in a very short format, to take characters through a comic fantasy and somehow bring a poignancy to the journey. As you will imagine, after seeing the film, they were truly funny, fun to work with, and of course, amazingly "cool.""

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